Cincinnati Schools Offers Niche Senior High School Programs

Woodward Senior High School, which belongs to Cincinnati Schools, established its career technical programs in 2003 which programs happen to be growing since. All high schools within the Cincinnati Schools consume a college preparatory curriculum but included in the restructuring of high schools within the Cincinnati Schools, small specialized courses were developed. Woodward Career Technical Senior High School isn’t just a resurrected small school however a substitute school for that razzed Woodward Senior High School. Students started while attending college within the new building in 2005. Theses career technical programs concentrate on the students’ needs for understanding within the career technology fields and on the job experience which will provide the students an advantage in further education pursuits and also the future employment market.

The Woodward Career Technical Senior High School is made to give students a smaller sized, more centered lee prosperity of these programs during the last few years has brought to Cincinnarning atmosphere which will better prepare students for his or her future. Thati Schools developing seven more small, focused high schools housed inside the existing high schools. Since 2003 the Woodward Career Technical Senior High School has added one ninth grade class with the aim of as being a full ninth to twelfth grade program. The redesigned building supplies a corporate feel and look while housing the appropriate on the job laboratories. Within the next couple of years, Cincinnati Schools intends to redesign and rebuild all of the high schools within the Cincinnati Schools system.

Cincinnati Schools’ Woodward High School’s Three Technical Programs

Cincinnati Schools has selected because the most important career technical programs as according to their potential later on employment market: advanced technologies, building technologies and health technologies. Students can pick which program is right for them. The advanced technologies program concentrates on the development of automated and computer controlled manufacturing and also the engineering concepts required to work in this subject. Your building technologies program prepares students to become leaders within the construction industry having a concentrate on internet based architectural design. The technologies program educates students in health services careers concentrating on biotechnology and medical laboratory work. With this thought, Cincinnati Schools have get together with partners in the industry world including Procter & Gamble Co.